Broaden your credit ecosystem.
Narrow down the effort.
Our SaaS-enabled platform helps companies embed credit in their ecosystem through a simple plug-and-play design, and in turn, diversifies the credit portfolio of lending institutions.
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Why Finverv
We are not tooting our own horn but really telling you about the few best parts of our platform.
  • Instant implementation
    Launch your lending product instantly via our APIs or our configurable consumer journeys.
  • Customizable
    Product-driven API flows & user journeys tailored to specific needs.
  • On-point information
    Get real-time dashboards, detailed reports & all the intelligence on your portfolio.
  • Different but familiar
    Access credit from our large lender network or get one of your own lending partners onboarded.
It works like magic
With the virtue of our state-of-the-art technology, we aim to help companies embed credit in their ecosystem by facilitating lending from NBFCs, Banks and FinTechs, thus enriching the credit portfolio of the latter!
Promising an easy setup, low operational hassle, and faster turnaround time, we aim to solve a pressing issue - to fill the gap between the demand and supply of credit, seamlessly. Here is an end-to-end view of our service process for partners.
  • Setup
    Embed our standard set of APIs and user journeys in your platform.
  • Product Configuration
    Configure your own credit product using our customizable tech infrastructure.
  • Lender Onboarding
    Choose from a wide network of our lender partners or connect your own lender partners.
  • Go Live
    With all the systems in place, start transacting!
Our Investors
  • Antler
  • Ashish Taneja - GrowX Ventures
  • Nitin Gupta - Uni Cards
  • Anuj Khosla - Hitachi Payment Services
  • Sidd Gandhi - GowX Ventures
  • Karthik Bhat - Force Ventures
  • Avinash Kumar - Credenc
Got questions?
We are here to help you get the fundamentals right or you can directly connect with us, we’ll love that.
  • What qualifies as an enterprise with credit needs?
    Any entity creating an ecosystem or facilitating transactions between various players in the ecosystem with the need of credit
  • Who are lenders?
    Lenders are institutions that can provide credit to the ones who need it. Banks, non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs), lending FinTechs qualify as lenders.
  • What is a credit ecosystem?
    A credit ecosystem is a place for all players to coexist in the credit chain. Individuals in the ecosystem do not compete with but instead mutually depend on each other.
  • Does that mean you share the risk in the transactions?
    No, we do not share the risk with the parties involved. We work as catalysts to streamline a smooth credit supply from the lender to the borrower and are not involved directly in financial transactions between the two.
  • What are the service add-ons that you offer?
    We are subject matter experts on technology! Our infrastructure provides onboarding support, end-to-end lending stack to enterprises which includes LOS, LMS, Consumer App, Team App, eKYC, eSign, eCollect etc., configurable product APIs, real-time dashboards for credit management, and a robust risk management framework.
  • I, as an enterprise, want to onboard a bank which is not on your lending middleware. Is this possible?
    Absolutely! You can get your own lenders on board with us, and we’ll take care of the agreements, onboarding, tech-support etc. via a simple plug-and-play design. You can sit back and avail our services at your convenience!
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We are here to help you get the fundamentals right or you can directly connect with us, we’ll love that.
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